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S.S.D Sabha

S.S.D Sabha(Regd.) Bathinda , One of the pioneers in the social, religious and Educational service, was founded by the philanthropist of the city years back in 1923.

Since then this sabha continues to occupy the premier position in the educational scenario of the state of Punjab.

S.S.D Sabha has a chain of educational institutions, temples and centres for social activities.Strictly adhering to the conventional culture, Sanatam Dharma Sabha upgraded Educational institutions with the changing needs of modern era.


BAL GOPAL PLAYWAY SCHOOL Opened in 2015 is well established venture of S.S.D.Sabha in the service of society.

Bal Gopal play Way School, First of its Kind is an established venture of S.S.D.Sabha(Regd.) Bathinda,which has the vast experience of imparting education through already serving eleven(11) institutes and produced the torchbearers of the future.

This playway school is a model of world class infrastructure and the advanced technologies.The team of teachers is well equipped with experience and knowledge of modern technologies and adhere to age old philosophy of 'GURU - Shishya' relationship membedded with patience , tolerance, love and sensitiveness towards child's mood.

Playful, homely, fearfree and motivating atmosphere of Bal Gopal play Way School triggers confidence and faith in the minds and souls of kids , which propel comprehensive understanding and learning of things and circumstances coming across.

Just after entering neat and clean building and beautiful lawns and flower beds , attractive-spacious and well decorated rooms feel like a dream land of fairy tales to kids. They get engaged in the cheerful, lively, joyful atmosphere forgetting all relations even with their parents for a while.


S.S.D Group, recongnized for innovation, national and international standing in quality teaching and learning has the commitment to outreach and serve India and beyond by enriching students the future citizens with human values knowledge and responsibilities.


Our Mision is to establish S.S.D.group as the Model for Educational world, going beyond profit and loss and provide an ideal launching pad for bright future of young minds.

We believe that aiming for unachievable and continuously raising the bar has become a part of our D.N.A. We bring out the best in every student by our administration and management. We are all set to provide latest appropriate teaching aids, learning environment, world class infrastructure, faculties, problem counselling to generate outstanding stuff of students dipped in nector of moral values, discipline and character. Concentrating on same line we are keeping equilibrium with changing educationalscenario and upgrading all aspects of imparting education to make deeper inroads in the student fraternity of excellence aspirants, taking it as a divine deeds and a service to God done by no other than human being.

Message From Principal's Desk

Er. Neha Goyal

My main aim is to brain students to be creative and innovative. My vision is to develop life long learning skills for your child that can be inculcated right from his or her early childhood and pre-school formative years.

Being a mother myself can better understand the needs of a child.

We at Bal Gopal take care that the early years of your child are memorable, we make strong foundation for the child to later attain qualities like leadership, discipline, team work, creativity.

Message From Chairman's Desk

Mr. Parmod Mittal, CA

President: S.S.D. Sabha, Bathinda.

To see one's child grow and be the best is greatest pleasure the parents get. Every parent want their ward to be the best in whatever he or she is capable of. It is said that children are poor men's riches but their riches are of no use if they are not added with knowldge and education.

A child's education starts from the very first day he is born. The first school is the home where his parents teach him to walk and talk. Then comes the second School, the palyway school, where the childlearns to make friends and obey his elders and starts becoming social. The third School is high school where he learns about outside world. The playway school is the most essential for a child as he takes his first lesson of life.

But the selection of the school plays major role as this would decide the future of a child. So we would feel honour to present Bal Gopal Palyway school for the children.

We provide the best staff of teachers and environment just like home. The teacher is the child's second mother and the school is child's second home. We promise to abide by it and make your child a school lover.

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